Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nokia Asha

Part two:
Camera and Videos

3,2 MP EDOF camera;video: 45th level H.263, encode+ read MPEG4 code, H.246/MPEG-4 AVC ; 3 GPPstreaming

Whenthe first time you do an aim to the object, there is a face detector that markwith 4 core with green color and it also nave a zoom fitur, self  timer, frames, effect, white balance,sequence, exposure, grid, settings, organize and default to take back to thefirst settings. For outdoor photo take output is sharp and the details are good. same with the photo that take on indoor, the photo is good and have no fog.For videos , Nokia Asha 303 can take video with VGA(640x480) 15fps .  the video format is 3gp and MP4. Because ithave no accelometer , you should choose the full screen for a good visual.

Design and Body

116,5 x 55,7 x 13,9mm  dimention; weight 99 grams ;capasitif touch screen color 256 K  2,6inch measure

NokiaAsha 303 is the next generatition of nokia Asha 300. The body is almost same.If Nokia Asha 303 is QWERTY mode, Nokia Asha 300 use alfanumerik type. Designconcept of Nokia Asha exactly revolutioner. Use QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen on candybar shape, or touch and type mode. When you see a glance in thefront of phone, it look like slider phone because a half of the screen areemerge from QWERTY keyboard . the back of phone shape are curve a littlechubby. So, it comfortable to handful. Almost all the body is made from plastic,except the backdoor, that made from aluminium alloy. In the frony it hasearpiece cencor proximity, kapasityf touch screen , with multi touch.this phonehas 4 function knob. There is call, message, music, and disconnect. On the backside has 3,2 MP resolution camera. On the up side has a loudspeaker and aspeaker on the down side. On the left you can only find a hole for strap . onthe right side has volume knob  and  lock knob. Acctually Nokia is consist withcolour mix game like black, red, and gray. The design is ergonomics, the colorcontrast make this phone become more excellent on the other side. May be thedesign is almost same with Nokia X3-02.

Album Art

Kodekaudio : MP3,MP4, ( audio), ACC, AAC LC,AAC+, eAAC +, WMA, NRT, MXMF, NB AMR,MIDI ; OMA DRM 2.0, WM DRM 10, Radio Stereo FM radio with RDS

Ifyou open the menu music, nokia show 3 submenu there is my music, nokia music,and radio.

Nokia Asha

Part one:
A complete conection in touch and type phone
Nokia want to repeat the succeed in low end marketafter nokia C3. Nokia show Asha new type, there is Nokia Asha 303. The target is a market with limited budged, actuslly this phone has a great specificaty and much fitur. Asha is make from Hinduism words, it means hope. Can Nokia asha complete all hope from fans of smart phone ?
Face to Face
Platform S40; 4 shortcut contact, Social network widget, 4 shortcut icons, battery indicator, operator, date, clock, day, menu acces, names, go to; 13 icon menu; Grid
Nokia Asha 303 use operating system improve Nokia S40, that this phone can do all mutitasking except music. When you turn on the phone you need to do the costumized homescreen with widget and shortcut that help you to go to the favorite contact and social network.
You can add a photo on contact with the first name as the display. After you do a homescreen personalitation, you can see the page with 13 iconsthat showed with bright color and the design is like in OS MeeGo. If you bored with the menu display, you can change the display into grid or list appropriate to your necessity.

Glance of Product

Research in motion (RIM) start lose her ascendance.In factor equipment BlackBerry playbook who wish about ti in demand at outlet it appears trough to decline and to lose popular at equipment competitor who other ,like as Ipad and various tablet Android her other.But,RIM her visible no easy surrender.In version I.OS BlackBerry playbook who the newest (QNX),tablet this to be able to operate program Android.QNX to constitute modification free from interface BlackBerry.

To operate Android at BlackBerry this ever at to test on BlackBerry playbook .His beginning Android just at to put on for to suppart ‘APP player ‘ who to give cases consumer for to came various application to pass Android market.
Consumption system operation QNK at BlackBerry at to request about to achieve success on year 2012 and perhaps this opportunity ultimate RIM for definitely hold out in to flack competition smartphone  this moment.It is said RIM ever to make cases on it’s case 250 thousand application Android who person at street on sets of equipment cellular the newest BlackBerry from this BlackBerry Ability for street program Android to constitute exes the try at to sell by RIM.
Bu, you dont with think that RIM about to possess Android market and you to be able downlad application from there.RIM just to offer easy for developer to move application Android they to OS BlackBerry playbook 2.0.That for,RIM BlackBerry plug-in for Android Development tools ‘for to enable code programming application Android the same to get in process QNK.RIM too also to all ovate Run time for Android APPS ‘who to get to alter application Android manner direct in order to get in application at playbook.
Carious?if you to lung for to fell application-application proceeds conversion from Android to BlackBerry mentioned .You poison call on

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Welcome new year.. iPhone 4S and Blackberry Orlando..

Finally the waiting gadget, iPhone 4S landing in Indonesia. Although it don’t have legal guarantee from the distributor or operator  yet, but the button hole had already see at online shops...
The price is still expensive indeed, like Apple equipment but Indonesian’s publics are really waiting for the iPhone 4s’ bargain sensations else....

On Android, we can found dual SIM  made by vendor global already...
Joining local mercs that have roll out Android ‘s double SIM, LG made Optimus Net P698 as first cell phone who have dual SIM made by vendor global.
And one else Blackberry OS 7 had available  at markets. Now Blackberry curve 9380 alias Orlando who add new Blacberry’s fleet ready to be yours..
There are new cell phone that can become your best friend for welcome the new year... ^_^’

Nokia Asha 303
Rp 1.475.000,-
For the young user, Asha 303 present with glaring colorful. With touch and type model, this gadget seri S40 camera packet 3.2 MP pixed focus, VGA video and social networking integration for socialisation. Also HSDPA and WiFi for browsing Internet connection..

iPhone 4S
Rp. 7.800.000,-
Have clever assistant named Siri that can know voice command. The top ammunition as double brain 1GHz, camera 8 MP, full HD video and iCloud service. With iOS 5, there is superrior fitures, example iMessage, news stand and notification center. And Twitter direct integration to iOS 5.

Huawei Sonic U8650
Rp. 1.700.000,-
Using Android Gingerbread, the cell phone  pack with capasitive touch model 3,5 inch dimention . Full up your satisfied of web, had already prepare canal HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and WiFi. 3.14 MP packet  camera and video VGA variety adding multimedia unsure in it.

LG Optimus Net Dual P698
Rp. 1.850.000,-
Superior concept of dual SIM, Optimus Net bring canal capability of HSDPA, WiFi and DLNA for data connection. Supported by 800 MHz prosessor, responsive menu. Having LG Smart World for purchasing application shop besides Android Market. And there is LG Social as social communication site for accessing Facebook, Twitter and My Space fluently.

LG Optimus Hub E510
Rp. 2.100.000,-
Will preparating as the changes of Optimus One. Android set “Gingerbread” version that have 800 MHz prosessor brain, also internal supported by 512 MB RAM. The 3.5 inch screen had no scratch by Corning Gorilla Glass who layer the screen surface. By WiFi cast, WiFi router and WiFi direct technology share the contents into other device became simple..

Blackberry Curve 9380
Rp. 3.500.000,-
By sleek and slim shapes, this Curve have different model than other relatives curves. Touch media capassitive became the basic foundation supplies by extensive dimention 3.2 inch. Bring into OS 7 generation, this Orlando ain’t forgot social networks media, like; BBM, Facebook, Twitter and Social Feeds. Camera 5 MP together with Flash and VGA video recording being mainstay to executing important moments.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Huawei MediaPad,the first tablet with HoneyComb

tablet audience is increasingly spoiled with so many Android tablet
terkini.Tidak only usethe latest OS with seabreg
fiturtetapi embedded
hardware also makes it more capable.Increasingly similar to those
found on Huawei MediaPad. Huawei Android MediaPad a 7-inch tablet
world's first to use Android OS Honeycomb (3.2).
besides using fast dual core processor 1.2 GHz, the tablet has also
been pinned one HDMIport which can be connected to an HDTV or LCD with
HDMI port.

MediaPad is tablet product from Huawei who very smart, thin and
easy, with thickness just 10,5 mm and heavy 390 g. Come front this
tablet look like many tablet made in China. The domination color is
black in the circumference screen, this tablet settle the front camera
in the left corner if in landscape position.
The set of Port charging, HDMI and USB sequence in right side. But the
power on/off and volume knob located is in above side. For port
headset and speaker located is in left side.
Back represent this tablet decorated with black pleat bag closed shape
in right and left. The right side have black camera with 5 megapixel
capability who seen enough protrude. In the right black side who like
closed of bag mentioned can to open where the slot SIM card place.

Using a dual core processor 1.2 Giga Hertz, the tablet is
believed to sustain the speed needed to run Android Honeycomb, IPS LCD
screen multi-touch capacitive wide 7-inch WXGA 1280 X 800 pixels are
paired or are believed to display video images with high resolution.
so that appear to look more alive and is also a guarantee jelas.hal
tablet can play HD (High Definition). for menopamg processor is large
enough, this tablet uses memory (RAM) 1 GB of internal memory and a
storage of 5.8 GB. Rather large to simply save audio and video
recordings. 1.3 megapixel camera with front and rear 5-megapixel it's
enough to satisfy the desire for fun pictures. As for the intake of
resources, Huawei MediaPad has been equipped with a capacity of 4100
mAh battery.
(By Umi)

IMO G189

Part Two:

Audio sector
Audio player and video player : Mp3. MPEG4, FM radio, AMR, WAV,3GP.
Audio player’s preswnting album cover, time of song, audio pane, title
and artist name. Multiple arrangement in this phone it’s give many
change wind of result vioce. This phone get Syarini’song
If you want to know some informasion about top chart and traffic, you
can drive in 3.5 mm jack’s audio as antenna FM Radio. When you drive
in headset to this phone it will scanning the best radio wave.

Camera and video
Camera: dual camera 2MP , setting camera, Ev, contious timer.zoom.
Phone’s camera can use in front and we can use main camera with same rev 2MP.
This camera still dependent on size of light. This phone without LED
flast and outofocus.

bluetooth, PC connection via USB.
IMO G189 completed with nirkabel via bluetooth connection. Meanwhile
for PC connection , this phone use USB cable, but this phone doesn’t
have WiFi.

Still relies with GPRS/WAP, IMO G189 cant give many surety to cozy in
open internet. This phone still use manual internet connection.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

IMO G189

IMO G189 Syahrini
Part one
IMO creating recent series with PDA (personal digital assistant)
design... the name is IMO G189 SYAHRINI.
IMO present phone touch screen with PDA design. This phone designed by
special with elegant’ appearance. It have 3.5 inch screen size. The
material made from solid plastic. Even this handphone have large size
,but IMO G189 compertable to be gripped.
Screen and interface
Platform : SPREADTRUM SC6800H; LCD: 3.5 HVGA 252 :
Display: full touchscreen resistive.
Don’t surprise when the first time you turn on this phone, cause this
phone featuring syahrini’s song and her picture.
Structure design: PDA phone; Platform SPREADTRUM SC6800H; frequency
Band: Dual GSM 900/1800Mhz ; Dimension (L*W*H): 116*62*9*.8 mm;
LCD:3.5 inch / HVGA 252K; display: full toucscreen resistive; Battery:
900 mAh: Aplication: Java. Opera mini; languages: english, indonesian,
chinese ; internal memory: 50Mb; external memory; up to 4GB;
conectivity: bluetooth, PC connection, GPRS,SMA,MMS ; multimedia;
Audio player: MP3, MPEG4,FM radio, AMR,WAV,3GP; camera:dual camera
2MP,video recorder; accessories: battery 900mAh, charger mini USB 5
pin, earphone mini USB 5 pin, USB cable mini USB 5 pin; Price Rp